Mr. Shaver, I write to express my opposition to one aspect of the DOT plan for the Hampstead Bypass.  The proposed mid-town interchange, which will intersect Hwy 17 at Grandview Drive in the heart of Hampstead, is a bureaucratic boondoggle run amok.

This on off ramp is a full six lanes running a full mile long.  It will disrupt the business district considerably, will require the filling of extensive wetlands (see attached photo of depth soundings being taken for fill calculations).  The cost of this single on-off ramp is projected to exceed $30 million.  And now the craziest part of all:  the DOT traffic calculations that allegedly necessitate the mid-town (third) interchange are not based upon a community specific study but rather on a rough estimate made years ago.  After months of asking DOT, the citizens here commissioned a full blown and indepth community traffic study by an NC licensed traffic engineer and we confirmed the DOT numbers are off by a factor of two when compared to ITE Trip Generation Manual methods, which are the industry standards.

In a nutshell, a mistake was made in the calculations roughly 7 years ago and they have carried forward all these years without additional scrutiny.  Now, they are ready to destroy Chapel Pond, reroute Hwy 17 and waste $30,000,000 all to avoid owning up to their mistake.  And I firmly believe they see the illogic of their numbers (see letter attached) as they defy common sense.

I hope the Corps will investigate this needless destruction of wetlands.  Thank you.

Mike Nadeau