Ms. Karen Fussell
District Engineer

May 7, 2014

Dear Karen,

Thank you for copying me on your April 22nd letter to David Williams. We appreciate you stating the DOT’s position in writing, taking this discussion to the next level. We take issue with most of your points and take the liberty of attaching your letter with our responses indented within the text.

From last May on, our single request has been “Show us the analysis that yielded the specific ramp volumes”. That request has still not been addressed, and apparently, cannot be addressed. We have been stonewalled, discredited, and provided reems of extraneous data during our quest to review your analysis. We also attach our consultant’s letter detailing the “explanation” you provided him.

We see this entire controversy as an engineering question, framed as difference between two studies both trying to estimate a key statistic. Our study takes clearly stated base assumptions, applies industry accepted formulas and yields a specific result, in writing. All of this can be reviewed scrutinized and evaluated. Your approach projects 3,074 cars per hour on the key ramp but we are told it has never been reduced to writing, and thus becomes immune to scrutiny or evaluation. This is unacceptable.

In summary, there remains a huge (200-300%) discrepancy between DOT’s projected ramp volumes and the trip generation that should be expected from a community like ours. Given your plan’s illogical dynamics (like the am/pm flows) and its transparently impossible elements (like 1200 right turns onto Jenkins Road in a single hour), we expect much better from a state agency spending taxpayer monies and substantially impacting local communities.

Thank You,

Mike Nadeau

Click here for the full response:  C4HB Response