How You Can Help!

Citizens For The Hampstead Bypass is a community group of volunteers who whole-heartedly believe that the 3rd interchange of the Hampstead Bypass is a waste of taxpayer dollars.  Our primary goal is to educate the public about the benefits of eliminating this 3rd Hampstead interchange and raise awareness of the environmental impact of locating the 3rd interchange through the historic Chapel Pond and wetlands.

You can help by:

    1. Signing our petition to let government leaders know that you are opposed to wasting taxpayer dollars on the unnecessary 3rd interchange.

    2. Write your elected officials in opposition to the 3rd Hampstead interchange:

      N.C. State Representative Chris Millis     Email:

      N.C. State Senator Bill Rabon      Email:

    3. Write a “letter to the editor” of your local media outlets

    4. Invite a C4HB volunteer to speak at your community or association meetings, homeowners meetings, civic clubs, etc.

    5. Share our petition, website and facebook page with others in your neighborhood / community.

    6. Volunteer to help us get the word out: get signatures on our petition, share the flyer below: