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A new lease on coastal life

Ever dream of moving to a warmer climate? Well, the Wilmington area doesn’t just offer great weather. Here, the business community is heating up too. Forward-thinkers and entrepreneurs are moving in to take advantage of the great recreation, family values, historic downtown, and healthy environment. This new influx has added a spark of creativity and possibilities to our community. As a result, people are thriving, families are growing, and businesses are booming.

We have a combined 45+ years of commercial realty experience helping businesses in this market. If you’re looking to lease, we can help you find the perfect factory, warehouse, office, strip mall, storefront, or restaurant. If your business needs something extra unique, we’ll work with builders and contractors to re-fit existing spaces. We know the lay of the land and are happy to bring our client’s insider tips, connections, and knowledge that only years of experience can bring.

For years, the Wilmington area has remained relatively under the radar, but that is quickly changing. If you want to be a part of a thriving community on a personal and professional level, this is the place to do so.

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